Departments and Ministries

Men’s Fellowship –Elder Hatcher
Women’s Fellowship– Kippie Davis and Denicia Richardson
Youth Ministry — Elder John and Sister Tanya Collier
Youth Choir — Tonya Terry
Youth Girls Dance– Charkivia Hatcher
Midnight Prayer/Drastic Measures- Bishop & Prophetess Hill
Media/Book Club Ministry–Aleya Jones
Fanning the Flame– Prophetess and Bishop Hill
Usher and Greeting–Elder Willie Barber
Audio and Video– Elder John Collier
Hospitality– Naomi Wilson
Drama Ministry– Aleya Jones and Nadine Frazier
Literature and Production–Nadine Frazier and Charkivia Hatcher
Bible School– Bishop Hill
Couples Ministry– Andrea Jr. and Charkivia Hatcher
Homeless/Help Ministry– Vincent and Clara Biggs